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Math Relay Team Honored

 Team 1

Our Math Relays Mathletes were honored at the School Board Meeting
as December’s Scholar Superstars!  Please take the time to congratulate
our students as you see them!  

 Paseo's Math Relay Team
Naya Boyd, 2nd Place, Data, Gamma Division
Julianna Pendleton, 1st Place, Data, Gamma Division
Julius Rowles, First Place, ACT, Gamma Division
Team Competition
2nd Place, Geometry Medley – Taea Wade, Renee Wade, Robin Benefield and Julian Rowles
1st Place, Data Medley – Robin Benefield, Kelvonte Taylor, Julian Rowles, and Tielah Dawan
The following students also competed:  Jarius Poole (Middle School), Kierra Barfield (Marathon Event).

Team  2