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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may enroll in Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) classes?
Anyone 17 years of age or older and interested in improving their basic skills.

How much do AEL classes cost?
AEL classes are FREE for eligible participants. However, participants need to provide their own school supplies and pay for the cost of the HSE exam, if applicable.

How are students placed into HSE classes?
Students are assigned based on their assessment results obtained in the Orientation Session. The program offers all levels and subjects needed to pass the HSE. Classes are offered year-round in 3-hour segments, weekly, morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available. Classes in basic computer, literacy tutoring, and life-skills are also provided.

Where are AEL classes held?
AEL classes take place across the Kansas City area through cooperating agencies that are willing to provide classroom space along with an interested student population.

When do AEL classes start?
AEL classes are offered year-round, primarily in 11-week sessions. There are scheduled enrollment dates that correspond to each session. Enrollment/Orientation is a 2-day process that is required. Please  follow the link for the session schedule