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  • Department of Business Services

    Office of the Budget

    The office of the budget is responsible for developing the annual budget plan for Kansas City Public Schools. The budget is one of the most important legal documents prepared by KCPS. Kansas City Public Schools has balanced its budget for the last two fiscal years. Through proper management of KCPS's approved balanced operating budget, financial stability has been created, resulting in directing appropriate resources to create a positive learning environment.

    Budget Reports

    FY17 Comprehensive Budget

    Understanding the Budget - FY2017 Proposed Budget (as of 4/20/2016)

    Comprehensive Budget - Amend 1.pdf

    SY2015-16 Comprehensive Budget Handbook

    FY16 Comprehensive Budget

    FY15 Amend II Comprehensive Budget

    FY15 Amend I Comprehensive Budget

    FY15 Comprehensive Budget

    FY14 Amend II Comprehensive Budget

    FY14 Amend I Comprehensive Budget

    FY14 Comprehensive Budget


    Office of Purchasing

    The mission of the office of purchasing is to provide superior service by adding value and improvement on behalf of the Kansas City Public Schools. The Office of Purchasing strives to become an acknowledged leader throughout Kansas City Public Schools and the surrounding community; recognized for innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective approaches to meeting and exceeding our customers' needs and expectations.

    Kansas City Public Schools publishes all bid opportunities locally through publications and online. To find more information concerning bids, please see the page called "Bid Advertisement" and view all of the bids. If you wish to register for bid notifications, please see our electronic procurement system by the page called " Online Bidding System".

    The Office of Purchasing accepts all bid responses for Kansas City Public Schools per the bid specifications.


    Erin Thompson
    Director Business Services

    Barbara Lunn
    Business Service Manager
    Phone: 816-418-7245

    Veronica Sarmiento
    Sr. Budget Specialist
    Phone: 816-418-7994

    Roger Cissner
    Budget Specialist
    Phone: 816-416-7244

    Beverly Gray
    Budget Analyst
    Phone: 816-418-7259

    Kathryn Brockenberry
    Business System Trainer
    Phone: 816-418-5208

    Fax: 816-418-7408