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Community Use of KCPS Facilities

District facilities and grounds are available for use by the Kansas City community at any time which does not disrupt the academic and extracurricular programming of the school nor jeopardize the safety and security of its students, employees as well as members of the greater community.

The Use of Facilities Coordinator works with all district departments, individual schools, and community groups to provide an organized process for utilization of district facilities. While KCPS encourages community use of facilities, that use must be net neutral to the KCPS budget. As such facility usage fees may apply and are based on the applicant, the facility requested, time of usage and anticipated personnel costs as outlined in the Rate Schedule. An assigned KCPS employee is required to be present to open and secure any facilities used.
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The first step in facilities or grounds rental is to complete, sign and submit the Facilities Use Application and Terms & Regulations Form to the district. You can find a link to both the Application and Terms & Regulations Form below. Requests for rental must be received thirty calendar days prior to the event date and submitted by mail to:
2012 E. 23rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64127
Attn: Pam Bennett, Facility Use Coordinator 
(816) 418-8210